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Boost your School's Math scores by over 30%

Trusted by 1000+ Students from 20+ TOP SCHOOLS near you

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Founded & Run by Reputed Teachers since 50 years & IITians

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Deepak Khare

M.Sc (Bio Chemistry)
Gold Medalist DAVV

50 yrs. experience


Milind Khare.png

Milind Khare

B.E. (SGSITS, Indore)

50 yrs. experience



Agam Garg

IIT Bombay Alumni

JEE'08 AIR 66


Gauri Mam.png

Gauri Mam

PG, Instructional design
Google certified educator

15 yrs. experience


Aseem Khare.png

Aseem Khare

IIT Bombay Alumni
100% in 12th

#1 in Maths Olympiad



Himanshu Bansal

IIT Guwahati Alumni

Gold Medalist in 10th



Renuka Bahuguna

15 yrs experience




Krittika Shahi

Google certified educator
Ex-teach for India

7 yrs. experience



Kanchan Mishra

M.Sc. Applied Maths

6 yrs. experience


and more..

Principal Testimonials

Pink Sugar

Raivent Nahar 


Nahar Global School, Ratlam

The Arise Math program has proven to be an invaluable resource for students seeking to develop a strong foundation in mathematics. At Nahar Global School, we have collaborated with the Arise team to enhance the subject comprehension of our eighth-grade students, and we have been thoroughly impressed with the results. As a result, we are thrilled to expand the program to additional classes, as it is structured in a manner that ensures every student receives personalized attention without requiring extra effort from the school.


I strongly encourage other schools to consider adopting this program, especially in light of the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, as it will aid in mitigating its impacts on students' education.

U. K. Jha
Choithram School North Campus

Dear students and Parents,
“Arise” is an online learning platform designed by the experts to help students to improve their performance in Mathematics. It helps students in understanding concepts, practice skills and engage with their course work in a more interactive and efficient way. One of the key benefits of using an online platform is the ability to access a wide range of learning from home at any time. It has interactive features like videos, quizzes and simulations that help students engage with the material in a more dynamic way. We can also track student’s progress and provide personalized feedback. It uses algorithms to identify area where students may be struggling and offer suggestions for improvement. I suggest students to use this platform for better understanding concepts of Mathematics and improving their performance.

Dr. Vishal Varia
Rosary School, Rajkot (Guj)

Thank you so much team ARISE for all the best efforts you are continuously  putting in for our students.With all your hardwork and Passion towards students ,our Weak /below average students are making improvements in attitudes and marks.
We are much grateful to you ..
👉Moreover Assignments/puzzles being sent are imaginative

Keep up the good efforts!!

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